Thursday, February 21, 2008

Angora Goat Kid Theater

Basil, sleeping peacefully...

until Chive walks up.

"Wanna play?"

"Basil, do you wanna play?"

"Wanna wake up and play with me, Basil?"

"Basil, where are you going?"



Joan said...

Susan - those pictures and captions made me laugh. They're just adorable.

--Deb said...

Aw! That reminds me of the visit Chappy and I took to visit a friend with a new puppy last summer. Koni just kept poking at Cahppy with his nose, poking at Chappy with his nose ... and Chappy--a mature gentleman of six years--kept saying, "Go away, kid, I just want to SLEEP!"

Those pictures are SO cute.

Michele said...

These pictures are too cute! And the captioning is priceless!