Thursday, February 28, 2008

Gulliver's 15 Minutes of Fame

Our Chihuahua, Gulliver, is feeling a little left out these days. Due to the rule against dogs at Felix Neck  he never gets to ride in the truck with me to feed the animals anymore. This used to be the highlight of his day and he still stands by the front door every morning wagging his tail and looking hopeful.
Last year, when we had bottle babies in the house, Gulliver was in his glory. He loved having little goats to play with and boss around. I'm still committed to my goal of no bottle babies this year, but it was awfully fun watching them play together

As you can see, Gulliver was dwarfed by the five-day-old Jack.

Here's a picture of Jack that I took last weekend. Lord, I love that goat.


--Deb said...

Well, poor Gulliver! The highlight of his day, gone, just like that through no fault of his own. Poor little guy.... Chappy sends his sympathies and says that he couldn't even get us out for a WALK today!

Susan said...

Too cold Deb? It was stupid-cold here today. I haven't warmed up yet.

SeDress said...

I don't usually like chihuahuas, but may have to make an exception for the long haired form. Looks more like a real dog, and quite regal in that pose. Maybe the short hairs are just miserable because they feel naked all the time?