Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Slight change in plans...

The doeling we named Cinnamon yesterday has undergone a name change. Patrick choose Cinnamon, and I wasn't crazy about it but I have to let him have a turn once in a while. Well, he had a change of heart this morning and renamed her Chive. His rational was that we haven't really exhausted herbs yet and it was too soon to move on to spice.

Both Sage and Chive are doing okay, although I don't think either of their moms are letting them eat enough. It's really hard to say though, because the kids nurse like crazy when I hold the moms and get them latched on but I haven't seen them nurse on their own. I am really super determined not to end up with any bottle babies this year, so I am trying to wait this out and hope that the moms catch on pretty soon.

Sage is also having a little problem with his legs. I noticed that he was walking with his hooves turned under, basically on his ankles. I called my dear friend Sara in New York, who has a gazillion goats and has seen just about everything. The funny thing is, she hadn't ever seen this before until last week, when they had a little buck kid born the same way. This nanny goat was bred to the same buck that bred the nanny in her case too!

Sara is a nurse and her husband Dan is a doctor, so very little phases them. They made a pair of splints out of a tupperwear lid and some tape and the problem corrected itself in a couple of days. I did the same thing with Sage and his legs seem much improved already.

We did finally get the electricity on last night and the heat lamps made the hoop house toasty warm. It's also great to have some light in there- the flashlight thing was getting tiresome.

Working at my office today was hard because I am on no sleep but kidding only happens for a short time and we always survive it. I am really excited because we have our very first Shareholder visit this weekend.

I will post some more pictures in a bit. I just discovered there is wireless internet access at the kidding barn!


jordiw said...

Wireless access in the kidding barn is a step too far!!! I somehow have a picture in my mind of you in a pile of hay with the computer on your lap and all the nannies watching you type... or worse yet, chewing on the edges...

--Deb said...

Tupperware splits . . . aw!

And, MY first thought was, what are the nannies doing on the internet, anyway??