Monday, March 10, 2008

The Daisys

I realized Sunday that I had written about our new sheep, Daisy2, I haven't posted her picture yet. She is half Icelandic/half Navaho Churro and her fleece is beautiful. Very fine and soft. We are breeding her to Lincoln, our cormo ram, and I can't wait to see what their lambs look like. Daisy2 is our only sheep with horns which confuses things because we have always told people who wanted to know which ones were sheep and which ones were goats that the goats were the ones with the horns.  

Daisy2 is called Daisy2 because we already had a Daisy in our flock.

Daisy is a stuffed-sausage of a sheep! We once had friends visiting the farm and their two-year-old looked at Daisy and said, "Look, they have a pig-sheep." Daisy was one of my first sheep- along with Buster, Cosmo , Ernie and the late Capable- so she will always have a big place in my heart and on our farm, even though her fleece is not-so-lovely. She is a sweetheart but she is always the first and loudest complainer when she is hungry. I call her the shop steward.

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Marse said...

Hi! I had just been sent your link from a friend who was given a share as a gift. I raise Arabians (small ranch), with the same love and devotion, and she thought I would enjoy seeing your new baby. She's ADORABLE! We have a new baby too, born day-before-yesterday; - an all black Streaight Egyptian beautiful FILLY! YAY! I have spent the last hour perusing your site when I should be cleaning the barn, and enjoyed it SO MUCH! Must go clean and feed now, but thank you for the enjoyable morning break! By the way, I feel JUST AS YOU DO about my morning/evening time in the barn!!!

~Marse in Colorado