Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Now, ya'll know I never want to push you, but there are only 3 shares left for the Fall Shearing. So if you have a spring share and were planning to buy one for the fall, now if the time. I've set aside shares for two of you who talked to me a while back, so don't worry if you've already let me know. 
Here's the link: 
Fall 2008 Share 


--Deb said...

Eep! As much as I'd love to, I can't afford the $100 right now... Drat!

But, that's okay, I have my Spring share to look forward to!

woolies said...

somebody needs to come buy all my stuffed animals so I can buy a share.
ahhh, maybe next one.

renee' said...

Am I too late? I'll take one if you can hold it for me.

Susan said...

Renee, you get the last one! Email me at susangibbs1 [at] mac [dot] com.