Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Farm Visitors

This weekend I was lucky enough to have four farm visitors on the same day. Farm visits are my absolute favorite part of the CSA and rather than giving you all the details myself I decided have one of the visitors tell you all about it. Shareholder Trinity contacted me a while back to see if she could come to the Island for a visit while her mom was in town from Minneapolis. It just happened that Erin and her friend Jenny were coming on the same day. Anyway, Trinity blogged about her visit with lots of pictures. I hope her story will inspire more of you to come see us.


--Deb said...

Speaking as someone who's been lucky enough to meet you and see your flock, all I can say is that, if anyone has a chance to visit, they absolutely SHOULD. It's just so fantastic!

See? Here's our visit from April.


the pics were great so i am glad you sent us to her blog.

puddle duck