Friday, August 29, 2008

The MV Ag Fair in Pictures

The Martha's Vineyard Ag Fair is quirky, eclectic, wholesome and one of the highlights of the Summer season. Adults and children enter projects they've made in the past year and the categories are just endless.

My friend Glenn Jackson organized the Fiber Tent this year and he did a fantastic job!

Harry, Patrick's 16-year-old son, made this amazing display for our table in the Fiber Tent

I desperately want a triangle loom like this one.
And an antique sock knitting machine.

We brought our February kids to the Fair to be sheared for the first time since they are already six-months old.

Logan, Patrick's 10-year-old, learned to spin on a drop spindle. Now he wants a wheel of his own!

My friend (and shareholder) Shirra took home a ribbon for a hat she knitted

MVFF won three blue ribbons
Buck Fifty won Best 1-2 Year Old Buck

We also won Best Island Wether (Squall) and Best Flock

The last day of the Fair is all about the dog show. My friend Alisa and Fenway won a blue ribbon.

The Horse Pull is another popular event.

We introduced three of our new fall colors- Cherry Soda, Blueberry Pie and Avocado- at our Fair booth. Look for them soon in our etsy store.
We had a really great time at the Fair. Lots of shareholders and ravelers stopped by and we ate more corn dogs than should be allowed. 

After breaking down our booth Sunday night we headed straight for the 9:30 ferry and drove all night to get to JFK in time for our flight to California. After a series of frustrating delays (*shakes fist at JetBlue*) we arrived at Lake Tahoe 30 hours later completely and utterly exhausted. (I promptly came down with a nasty summer cold.)

We're here for  a week- our first week off in two years, thanks to Erin, who has been promoted to Farm Manager. I am reading and knitting for the first time in I don't know how long. Patrick and Logan have been hiking and rafting and are going kayaking this morning. Harry and I took an hour drive across the border into Nevada to visit Jimmy Beans Wool. I taught him to knit about a month ago and he is completely and utterly addicted. He's already on rav (he'd be thrilled if you friended him!) and has completed two projects already. He bought his first set of double points and some beautiful sock yarn for a project he is working on for his girlfriend. 

As for my own knitting, I am working on the Irish Hiking Scarf and have every intention of finishing it before our plane touches down at JFK on Monday morning, provided my needles don't get taken away by security.

The Spring 08 Yarn has FINALLY arrived from the mill. I haven't even seen it cause it came after I left. Erin tell me that it is packaged in huge bales! My mom is coming up from Texas next week to help Erin and I with the shipping so the end is in sight. Thanks so much for being so patient.

I have a couple of BIG BIG BIG announcements to make. Check back here this afternoon for exciting news.



Turtle said...

wow busy lady!!! the fair looks so fun! and vacation is always good. I know about those long long flights, my last trip east took us 36 hours!

harry said...


Anonymous said...

I think you are very much appreciated, Harry.
Susan's MOM

Maggie said...

It looks like so much fun! A proper county fair environment :)

I love the way the basket handle echoes the squiggles in the yarn in the pic with the little redheaded girl.

Hope you enjoyed your vacation, and come back refreshed!

--Deb said...

Good for Harry! Everybody should spin--especially if they happen to know a good flock of sheep and goats... And, three blue ribbons!

And, a vacation! Good for you! I hope you're having a wonderful, wonderful time!

(Oh, and the new colors look gorgeous. The Blueberry Pie and Avocado ... yum.)

Crista said...

I LOVE the photos! I really think you are a closet professional photographer...

woolies said...

congratulations on the BLUE ribbons!!!

Joanb said...

Congratulations on the blue ribbons. Thanks for the great Ag Fair pictures too.
Can't wait to hear your big news !!!

SeDress said...

congratulations on the blue ribbons. the goat horns seem to work very well as handles. What do you hold onto on a sheep?

Susan said...

I can always count on Sedress for a good question. With sheep, you put one hand under their chin and one hand on their behind. It's not nearly as easy to direct them as it is the goats. Goats on the other hands can jerk around and twist and tear your rotator cuff or even pull your arm out of socket. I can only hold one goat at a time because I have to use two hands.

Susu:) said...

Wow busy busy! Thanks for sharing all the pictures.

Dude..Harry's blog cracks me right up!

Quirkles said...

Congrats on the blue ribbons and on turning Harry over to the dark side! Awesome pictures and I can't wait for your big news!

Julie Roads said...

Come home!!!!

Amy said...

Great photos! I enjoyed meeting you at the fair and I'm loving knitting with your beautiful yarn. I've posted some photos of the fair also on my flickr site ( if you're interested - there are a few of your booth.