Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lake Tahoe

I didn't see much of Lake Tahoe, as I spent most of the week sleeping off a fever, but here's what I did see.

The Farmer's Market in Tahoe City was amazing! We bought a half flat of blackberries and ate them all in a day.
Very pretty local yarn. I didn't buy any but I was sorely tempted.

Harry and Logan were perfect angel children on the trip.

My Lord! I do love those boys!

My Godson, Zachary.

My friends Jordan and Elizabeth are amazing parents and Zachary is the happiest kid I've ever known.

This is not the best picture of Jordan (he's actually devastatingly handsome) but I love the look on Z's face.


azalea820 said...

Too bad you had a fever up at Tahoe :( I go there every year, I love it up there! The farmer's market is awesome! They have the best heirloom tomatoes.


i'm sorry you were not well but ah what lovely happy pictures!