Saturday, September 6, 2008

Shop Update on etsy

Today I spent a good part of the time I should have been writing updating my etsy shop. In addition to yarn in our five fabulous fall colors, I have finally listed the new MVFF eco tote bags, 100% wool quilt batts made from our very own babydoll southdown sheep, and several fine art prints of my photographs.
I want to thank those of you who wrote urging me to sell my photos. It never would have occurred to me that anyone would want to buy them, and even if I don't sell any it was awfully ego-boosting to be asked. 
It rained buckets today on the Island and the sheep, goats and dogs bore the brunt of it I'm afraid. There is nothing on this earth more pitiful than a soaking wet angora goat!

The upside is that all this rain is good for the pasture and will extend our grazing season. These beautiful sunflowers at Morning Glory Farm seemed appreciative as well.  [Erin gets the photo credit on the sunflower pics and my mom took the wet goat photos!]

My mom and Erin spent the whole week preparing the mailing labels for the Spring 08 CSA shipment. Everything is ready to go, we are just waiting for the boxes to be delivered by USPS. I ordered them nearly a week ago on the Postal Service website and they are supposed to be coming Priority Mail but they are taking forever! Oh, the irony...

If you are planning to purchase MVFF yarn for any of your holiday knitting please place your order soon. We have a couple of magazine write-ups coming and I want to be sure our current customers get first crack at our supply. 



--Deb said...

Your pictures ARE gorgeous. I think it's great that you're selling them! (That one of Truman is particularly cute ... oh, heck, they're all cute.) And I'm lusting after the Avocado yarn--it's probably just as well I can't afford to come to the island for the next shearing--I'd be way too tempted!

And, thank you for taking time from your busy writing schedule to update the blog--you know we all appreciate that!

Now, I'm going to go meditate on the irony of the US postal system ... although, really, it's a good one.

KarenHarveyCox said...

Hi, just wanted to stop by and say hello, looks like I chose a good day. What a wonderful idea to sell your photographs. I think that wet angora sheep photo would be a good one to add to your list. It did make me chuckle. Your sunflowers are amazing. I must have a look at your shop. Have a wonderful week, looks like beautiful weather. Karen


question: do wet goats and sheep smell as "interesting" as wet dog?

we didn't have to worry about ours getting wet as ike swept by...note by, he went northeast of us but did drop a bunch on rain on us. oscar and mysy are storm scarred!


californiatarheel said...

Thanks for yet another fun update. I love the photos! I live in San Francisco and we have a fabulous farmer's market, and now I'm more inspired to go every week!!
Jonathan Fischer