Thursday, November 6, 2008

"Ms Gibbs, the shepherdess"

Every once in a while when I'm trying to avoid something I should be doing (like writing the speech I'm giving a week from Friday) I will spend a little time looking through my google analytics reports. Google analytics keeps track of the number of visitors to this blog, how long they spent on the site and how they found it.

Most of it's pretty dry reading but the "Keywords" can be hilarious. It's a huge list of the keywords people put into google to end up on our site. 

A lot of them are what you'd expect. "Martha's Vineyard Sheep Farm" and "Woman sheep farmer CSA." Stuff like that. But some of them are just nutty. Here are some of my favorites:

"two crazy ladies live alone in Martha's Vineyard"
We don't live alone. Patrick lives here too.

"they only suspected that i would be able to see the front door looking from the sliding glass door"

"dogs panting heavy after eating cilantro"
No more tacos for Biscotti and Fettucini!

"goats can fly"
No they can't. I've checked.

"martha's vineyard "down low""
I'm not even going to speculate on this one.

"images of kids riding sheep goat"
Madame, we do not allow kids to ride our goats and sheep. We do, however, allow our sheep and goats to ride on children, so saddle that kid up!

"goat superhero"
Is one of our goats a superhero in disguise? I might have to start tailing them when they go into the office...


Lorie said...

I want to give the superhero goar a ride!!

--Deb said...

The google searches are always enlightening, aren't they? For some of them, honestly, I don't know how people made it to my blog with the searches they put in!

Knitting Painter Woman said...

I think the title to you talk must be closely related to SuperHero Goats somehow! (loved the church photo, too.)

S. said...

The sliding glass door one sounds to me like a teacher checking on a possible plagiarism.

She probably clicked on you because she's a knitter!

Turtle said...

too funny! the goat superhero could lead into an interesting farm comic book or fun logo! (by day he anonymously mixed in with the field of sheep....but when trouble was near...!!)

Danielle said...

I think any of those searches would serve as a fine title to your talk!

Marguerite said...

One word --- ETONNANT! That means Surprising. how people think to come up with that stuff??
A little bit scarry! Goats can fly.....

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I thought of 3 good ones.Hugs Darcy1.Sanctuary
2.A stitch in time
3.A Good Yarn