Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Prep Day

Slept till 10 a.m. again today. I felt positively sinful when I woke up so I redeemed myself by taking a fitness walk with my mom and Carrie, my sister.  We were training for the Turkey Trot we're doing tomorrow morning before the national day of feasting begins.

Carrie and I spent the rest of the day cooking for tomorrow. Carrie put the turkey into a brine and I made three pies- one pumpkin and two buttermilk- prepped the dough for the bread (the Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day master recipe) and the dressing.  Do you call it dressing or stuffing? I wonder if "dressing" is a southern thing...

Tomorrow we will put the turkey in the oven before we go to the race, so there won't be much to do before lunch. In my family, we have the main meal on Thanksgiving at around 1 p.m. so that we can have leftovers for dinner. We actually like the leftovers better than the main meal, I think.

I designed out Spring 09 Shareholder's Certificates today but I'm having trouble getting them to upload to the blog. I'm seeking professional help so they should be up soon.



mydogpetey said...

Mmmmmm. Buttermilk pie.
Have a fun trot tomorrow, but please remember to rest up a bit!

kelly said...

I think "dressing" is Southern -- I grew up in the Midwest and we always said "stuffing." Then I moved to Atlanta and kept wondering why people were talking about Thousand Island or Ranch for Thanksgiving. ;)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Susan!

Nicole said...

Apparently, "stuffing" is what comes out of the bird. "Dressing" is anything on the side...
It's still basically the same thing, though.

Vaedri said...

I'm in Canada, and my family's Scottish. We've always called it stuffing. But I was in Newfoundland a couple of years ago, and they call it 'dressing'. Maybe it's a regional thing. :)

Turtle said...

i grew up in canada and new england and we called it stuffing...dressing goes on your salad! smile i miss our samoan neighbors custard pies every thanksgiving! Iam still playing with my artisan cookbook...not sure it liked the w wheat base i used before, will start new after the holiday when i have a little more room. enjoy your holiday!

Kristen said...

Yes, stuffing is when it's "stuffed" in the bird for cooking. "Dressing" is when it's cooked outside the bird. I think stuffing is not recommended because it takes so much longer to heat/cook all the way through and so there's a greater risk of food-bourne illness. Dressing is one of my FAVORITE things at Thanksgiving dinner. Yum!

KnittingBlueContent said...

Growing up, our bird was "stuffed" with the bread-y concoction and we called it "stuffing". My husband's family cooks up the Stove Top on the, well . . . stove, and it's still called "stuffing" in their house.

The above probably did zero to help figure out why it's called what it's called, LOL.

Here's MY question though: What in the WORLD is Buttermilk Pie? I never did ever hear of such a thing until reading your post!

Enjoy your sleep while you can dear and leave the guilt at the footrest. You've earned it.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving Susan!!! I haven't heard of Buttermilk pie either.

--Deb said...

Buttermilk pie??

I think THAT's the "southern" thing in this post, not the "dressing."

Because, yes, the rule I've always gone by is that, if it's in the bird, it's stuffing, if it's outside the bird, it's dressing.

Though, I'll admit, my family tends to call it stuffing anyway, but that's mostly because we use the box of Stovetop Stuffing and that's what it's CALLED. I've tried to get Mom and Dad away from the mix and do "real" stuffing, but ... no luck!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


well, i am sorry we can't meet up but glad you are sharing yourself with your family! maybe next time!

puddle duck

Maggie said...

My mom still says dressing, which is probably a holdover from the proper term for it being outside of the bird, rather than from her Virginia roots.

I say stuffing because it seems like no one around my age (and no one out here!) would know dressing. This is the stuffing I'll be making (with soy sausage, of course, and cornbread cause it's yummier).

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Joanb said...

Susan - Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

In our house we call it Stove Top (as Deb pointed out in her comment). We always just have a turkey breast, not the whole turkey since none of us like dark meat. A few times years ago we did have a whole turkey because my mother-in-law was here to touch it and stuff it.
I do NOT like touching turkey (or chicken) if I can help it.
So, I go along with the others who said that if it's in the turkey its 'stuffing', otherwise it's 'dressing' unless you're using Stove Top and they call it stuffing !!
Although it's made on top of the stove and basically not stuffing anything.
Buttermilk pie !!! I've never heard of it... it does sound intriguing... how about a recipe. Not that I

sprboston said...

I would be surprised if you didn't hear my squeals of delight at receiving my shipment of the MVFF Cormo yarns I ordered. OMG! What amazing yarn.

All projects are on hold while I cast on with this amazing yarn. Thank you so much for what you're doing. This yarn is almost too wonderful to believe!

Jenna S said...

Hope you had a wonderful turkey trot and a happy Thanksgiving day with your family.
For what it or out of the bird... my Northern Grandparents called it stuffing; Southern Grandparents called it dressing. I just call it yummy and ask for seconds regardless!!!

Kind regards,

Jenny said...

We say dressing and my family's from Illinois and California. :)