Friday, December 19, 2008

And the winners are...

I am so proud of us! The real winner here, of course, was the environment. 

Funny story: Last night, Patrick and I ran to the grocery store for a couple quick things, which turned in to a whole shopping cart of things by the time we made our way to the checkout. It wasn't until we had everything out on the conveyer belt that we realized WE HADN'T BROUGHT BAGS! Morons, right? 

Morons we may be but cheaters we are not, so we loaded all the groceries into our cart, then transferred everything one jar of mustard at a time into Patrick's trunk, then stuffed our coat pockets with the small stuff and ran in the house for bags. 

Lesson learned? Keep bags in BOTH cars.

And now for the winners. (I didn't count my own comments or the deleted ones, FYI.) 

Thanks to everyone who participated. Please shoot me an email if you are a winner with your mailing address. susangibbs1 AT mac DOT com.


Anonymous said...

Any news on the contests for the book title and patterns, or the Church of Yarn contests?

Julie said...

Happy dance! I can never have enough totes. Sent you my address via email.

Lauria @ Brackenbury Lane said...

Hey Susan, I just thought I'd comment here because I've emailed you, but I haven't yet received my bag. I wanted to make sure that you had received my email with address. I remember that you were having some problems with that earlier. Otherwise, it probably is just taking forever with all the holiday mail! (I live in MA, so you'd think it would be pretty speedy, but...)

LauriaKincaid at