Saturday, December 27, 2008


Can't Live Without:
Muck Boots. I wear these boots every single day of the year.

Diet Pepsi
Tiger Balm and hot baths. Without both I am an aching mess.
MacBook Pro

mini sledge hammer for breaking the ice on the water tanks
Polar fleece. I have all different weights of polar fleece pullovers and I layer them according to the weather.
Chuck, my truck
Kosher salt
a cast iron skillet
Smart Wool socks
cetaphil moisturizing cream
my 8' chest freezer
homemade chicken stock
lip balm

Could live without, but why?

clean sheets
good knives
dogs. If it were up to me we'd have a dozen. A house just isn't a home without one.
a cat. (See dogs.) 
Kitchen Aid mixer
homemade biscuits
red wine
a deep, comfortable couch
fresh eggs
the way new babies smell
snow men
hand knits
fresh fruit

Could live without:
cell phones
commercial radio
fast food

I'm curious about the things you can't live without. What are your top three?


Christie said...

Top 3 I can't live without:

1) Family
2) Sunshine but with a cool breeze
3) All my knitting supplies

That was tough to just pick three!


Sarah said...

Top 3 things I can't live without....

1) My laptop, for sure (macbook pro, but not the fancy new one ;>). I use it for work, for video chatting all the family, for who knows what else.

2) Our washing machine. Can you tell I'm the mother of a 1 year old? Someone gave it to us, it attaches to our sink. We use cloth diapers so its extra convenient.

3) Not technically mine - Our work espresso machine. IT'S AMAZING. It makes morning tolerable. I'm an astronomer for a reason. Mornings are not my optimal time. :)

Manise said...

You forgot your rice cooker for your oatmeal! :-)

missfire said...

1. Coffee. Prefer fresh ground, French press brewed, soy creamer; but I'll take what I can get.
2. A project. I have to have something going at all times, be it knitting, sewing, jewelry or papercrafts. (Or lately spinning.)
3. My husband and kids. They keep me grounded and bring me joy. (And the pain that reminds me how amazing joy can be.)

HLF said...

Skipping the air/food/water things, I'd say:

1) Sweetheart and cats
2) A personal space/quiet time
3) A hobby or two to keep me occupied and my brain away from work

|chee-uh| said...

Ok...not nec top three but three of my top few:
My boyfriend - he keeps me sane.
Fresh cracked black pepper

whitknits said...

My top 3:

1. My husband
2. knitting
3. chocolate

Anonymous said...

Sleep! definitely number one.
chapstick, preferably Burt's Bees
My MacBook Laptop
My prescription glasses (blind without those!!)

My husband could fit in there somewhere, LOL!


Jennifer King said...

TEA!!!! Is my big one, could not live without for sure!!
Can't be any old tea though, must be good. Harney is my fav.
Red Wine
Knitting time
My Garden
My chickens and the amazing eggs they give us
Time with great friends
Husband and Kids
Lemons (for the tea)
Our Jotul wood stove
Bread stone
Our lake or the ocean, I need to live on the water
Everything French, especially Paris!
My antique garden cultivator (best flea market find EVER!)
Not in any particular order (except the kidding, I would curl up and die without it!)

Knitting Painter Woman said...

Great post... Must think about my responses... Glad to know there's another Adam Sandler fan out there, too.

Hillary Dickman said...

1. My MacBook. Wish it were a MacBook Pro. Maybe someday it will be.
2. My digital SLR camera.
3. My kids' nap times. Deep breath and...ahhhhh.

katygirl said...

Ooh, fun! Mine would have to be:
1) Goya black bean soup over Texmati rice. What else is that delicious and cheap and quick and dead simple for those 15 hour days of work-then-grad-school-then-dinner-at-9:30???
2) hand lotion for the winter and sunscreen for the summer - my skin isn't quite cut out for life on earth and needs help!
3) Google. How did I ever figure anything out back in the BG (before Google) era?

Okay, in truth, the *actual* things I couldn't do without are my mom, my aunt, my bf, and my bff, the anti-rejection meds that keep my liver kicking, and my glasses, but those aren't as fun as food, but I sure would miss the soup, lotion and Google if I couldn't have them.

Also: I am slowly (very slowly) collecting Le Creuset, and that's heading to the top of my list!

MarieAngel said...

My top 3:
My darling husband
My daughter and son

If family didn't count...
Gambit (cat)
computer w/internet access
knitting supplies

and an absolute must have, insulin!

Anonymous said...

A cold, snowy day with a warm woodstove, glass of wine, knitting with cat next to me and boyfriend cooking up something yummy in the kitchen.

Jenna S said...

My top three* are as follows:

1.My dear sweet husband! 'nuff said!
2. Our furry kids. My life is so much better when there is a kitty (or 4) purring on your lap and a pup leaning on your legs.
3. The moon. Night time walks with the dog are times for introspection and meditation. Looking up into the sky I smile when I see the moon, a silent companion and guardian high in the night sky. How lonely the night would be without the moon and stars for company.
* Must have contacts or glasses or I would not be able to see or properly enjoy any of the above.

--Deb said...

Can't live without:

1. Chappy. (Because, well, duh!)

2. Books. Yes, even more than knitting, books are essential.

3. My laptop. Because, how else would I chat with you?

And, I'm envious. I have NEVER been able to accomplish proper chicken stock. I've tried countless recipes, but no matter what I do, it always ends up tasting like chicken-scented water, not SOUP. So very discouraging.

Joanb said...

Of course family so I won't count that.

1-Music. I must have music on all the time (I don't like a quiet house). I like almost all kinds (not opera).. I keep a lite fm station on in the house. In my car is an oldies station. When I listen to CD's it's mostly in the car. I can't read music, or play an instrument, but there's always music in my head.

2- Creature comforts. TV, dishwasher, washer/dryer, hair dryer, microwave, COMPUTER. Although a computer isn't a comfort so much as it's now a necessity.

3- Martha's Vineyard. I must always feel connected to it. I always wear my MV watch. If I'm not there in body I'm always there in spirit.

Sara said...

These would be the top three not counting family, friends, food, home over head, and pets (to me those are givens)

1) Computer and Digital Camera - those function as a way to connect with folks.

2) Sewing machine and fabrics - to make great quilts, gifts, etc.

3) Yarn and knitting accessories - I would be lost without a project going on...

Heidi said...

The three biggest are:

1.Community- whether it be family, work or the internet. I need to feel connected to something other than myself.

2.Knitting, it's my sanity, nough said there.

3.Caffeine, you could take away the coffee but then you better throw in some chocolate. I gave up nicotine well over a decade ago and I still miss it. A caffeine free Heidi would not be a pretty sight.

And another thing, judging by the reflection in the mirror. Salon waxing is something that although I could live with out for the love all that is good, I shouldn't (

Turtle said...

Not counting family as i do not consider them a "material item" smile, i would have to say:

1. my camera
2. my espresso machine
3. my laptop! of course i might change out my knitting bag for the espresso machine so...hmmmm

Anonymous said...

These are absolute things I cannot live without:

1. My Boston Terrier Mickey;

2. My friends and family;

3. Dreams of the future.

There is always something to work towards. Happy New Year!

Kristen said...

Since family is an obvious one, I'll go with my next few.

My dog Belle, who makes me so happy!
Smartwool socks. I'm with you on this one. I live in MN and I wear them almost exclusively from Nov. to April.
My wonderful friends. They bring me up when I'm down and love me for who I am.
And beyond that, I love my little house. It's small but it's MINE (ok, and the bank's, too) and I worked and saved for it. And the freedom of having a car to get around. And cheese! And chocolate! Hmm. Ok, I need a lot of stuff in my life. :)

Susanne said...

Can't live without:

1. Family - My husband, who is my highschool sweetheart, and my 2 boys;

2. Knitting (yarn, knitting friends, and everything that goes with it)

3. Internet.

Susanne (SewSusanne)