Monday, December 1, 2008

Home at last...

Finally home from, well, home. It was so sad leaving my mom and Carrie in Texas this morning, not to mention the weather.  I do love Texas. It really is a different world than New England. 


Tomorrow the people from the intel Tech Makeover are coming to install our new...stuff. To tell you the truth, I don't have a clue what we are getting. Keep your fingers crossed for lamb cams!

I didn't take too many picture in Fort Worth but here are a few:

Are ya'll tired of pictures of gas prices yet? I'll stop. I promise, I will. But $1.72 a gallon! When I see something this amazing I must share it with you.

This is one of Mom and Carrie's Newfoundlands. His name is Sirius and he's 7. Some how I managed not to get a picture of Emerson, their other dog, and I have no doubt my mom will call me as soon as she reads this and tell me I've hurt his feelings. The dogs are treated like kings at my mom's house. Seriously. 

My mom has been collecting these Annalee Christmas dolls since I was little.  She has about a million of them and every year she decorates the house completely differently.
There are different scenes all over the house. 

I'll take lots of pictures tomorrow when the Tech Makeover people are here.



Turtle said...

Hey Annalee's! I had forgotten about those. I grew up just down the road from their factory and as a kid used to pop into their shop and on occassion pick up seconds (which i could never figure out what was wrong with them) My mom has them now, lol, with so much of my stuff!
My daughter paid 1.77 today a gallon. love it as the heat and electric are going up!
Glad you had a good trip, always good to get away and go home...but to me that would be new england!

Sarah said...

My mom has Annalee dolls too, and I've gotta tell you -- they have ALWAYS creeped me out a little! ;-)

The Knifty Knitter said...

I like how your mom arranged scenes all over the house. I used to do that with my dolls when I was little :)

And just to let you know, here in Georgia I can go to Kroger and pay $1.54 a gallon :)

Jenna S said...

Please ask mom to turn Raggedy Ann right side up, all the stuffing will rush to her brain! Raggedy Andy must be very distressed! Yikes!

Maybe she can send a picture of Emerson to try and smooth things out for you!