Saturday, January 10, 2009

Conversations with Logan

Transcript of an actual conversation with Logan, Patrick's 11-year-old:
ME: We're doing giving away some really cool stuff on the blog next week.
LOGAN: Are you giving away Japanese swords?
ME: No.
LOGAN: Chinese throwing stars?
ME: No.
LOGAN:Russian hats?
ME: (sigh)  Yes. We're giving away Russian hats. Good guess.
LOGAN: Cool!


Megan said...

that is so funny!!!

harrison manning said...

HAHAH now he will be waiting for this giveaway to start.

Heidi said...

My kids think the throwing stars was the way to go

eochu said...

Dude, why are we not giving away Japanese swords?? I want a Japanese sword!!

girlwithasword said...

If that convo was in regards to my stuff - well, that's just pretty darn funny, becuase one of my other hobbies is playing with Japanese swords :) :) :) heh.

Jean said...

Since I already have a Japanese sword (and know how to use it), I don't mind that you're not giving those away. But Logan scores points with me for wanting a quality sword.

Jenna S said...

Seriously...looking forward to that Russian hat!
Logan is right...Cool!

How's Abby doin'?

Jenny said...

Boys are so great. And Ken totally wants a Japanese sword, so if you do end up giving one away, let me know so I can try to win one.

e.marie said...

Awesome. And I'm totally up for the Russian hat giveaway.