Monday, January 5, 2009

January 24th is National Soup Swap Day

Don't tell me you've never heard of National Soup Swap Day? It's one of my favorite holidays.

In a nutshell, on National Soup Swap Day, you invite a group of friends over to swap soup. Here's how it works (with all due credit going to Nerd's Eye View, from whom I swiped the following.)

"You bring six 1 quart containers of frozen soup of one kind. We will then draw numbers and take turns picking out different soup. You will then leave with six 1 quart containers of different soup. Bring whatever soup you like to cook best.

There’s excellent protocol for the distribution of the soup as well. Follow these guidelines.
1. Gather the soup (and the chefs) in a central location. Admire the quantity and variety.
2. Go around the room and have each chef describe his or her creation.
3. Place numbers in a hat equal in number to the particpants. Each person picks a number.
4. Number 1 picks one soup, and so on, until everyone has had a go. Repeat until all the soup is gone."

Isn't that awesome? My favorite part- besides leaving with a freezer full of homemade soup- is number 2. also known as The Telling of the Soup

We are going to host a Soup Swap on Saturday, January 24th for anyone who lives near us in the Hudson Valley or wants to drive up for the occasion. Just comment here if you'd like to come. But I strongly encourage all of you to start a Soup Swap in your own area. You can read everything you ever wanted know about swapping soup at the creator's blog.  (Don't be put off by last year's date at the top- scroll down to see this year's.)


--Deb said...

Gosh, that sounds fun! I love homemade soup but never get a chance to make it because I'm the only one who'll eat it. Mom will SOME of the time, but there are limits. And she can't even eat my very favorite soup recipe anymore since it's got bacon in it and she's deathly allergic ... which means the only soup I regularly get to eat is the canned stuff--ick!

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a fantastic idea! I am going to have to suggest a vegetarian soup swap to a bunch of my friends.

Turtle said...

how wonderful! i would love this being a soup fiend! i make huge batches and tend to end up being the only one who eats them.

Emily said...

I'm in! This sounds like a lot of fun!

knitspot anne said...

oh that sounds like fun; too bad we live so far away!

Trinity said...

Hi Susan. I think it is awesome that you posted about this. I was at a Soup Swap in Roslindale last year and we made it on the blog you linked to. I even got some of that strawberry soup that was mentioned in the post and I can vouch that it basically tasted like really yummy melted strawberry ice cream. I hope your swap goes well!

Anonymous said...

if you're organizing a Soup Swap, we'd love to include it at

Good luck! It's really fun thing to do.

And in other strange related news, I am meeting the host of the Roslindale swap mentioned above tomorrow night as he is in Seattle for business!