Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Week in Pictures

Every year after Christmas we give our tree to the sheep and goats for a treat. As you can see, they strip it like a school of piranas strips a wildebeest.

Squall and Roquefort have become good buddies in the last couple of weeks. They're inseparable, like George Bush and Dick Cheney. It worries me...

Just cause Cini doesn't want to eat his food doesn't mean he wants anyone else to eat it.

See that look on Squall's face? It's like he knows something about me and he's considering going public with the information.Can you believe we still haven't named all of the new ewes? As soon as Erin gets home tomorrow we are naming them!

It was 11 degrees this morning, people. 11. Degrees. Lucky for me, Patrick was in town and he helped me with chores this morning. I needed his brute strength to break the foot of ice on the water tanks.  

As always, the goats and sheep were grateful.


Joanb said...

What could Squall possibly know that you don't want known :) I don't think you have anything to worry about.

Way to go Patrick.

It was 11 here in NJ too this morning. Looking at the sheep and goat pictures is heartwarming.

Turtle said...

lol at Squall. Love the new pics! and yes, those babies need names...poor things! (smile) Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Susan, Patrick and All at MVFF:
Wishing you the comfort and joy that a new year can bring - just like the feelings I have when I look at those wonderful faces on the animals!
Thanks so much for doing what you do and sharing it with us.
Be well -
Margie from NYC
(a.k.a. busy7887)

Manise said...

It was 6 degrees here this morning. Brrrr cold. You and Patrick must not have fun getting wet breaking the ice. I cannot imagine what a cold kick in the stomach that icy water is to the sheep and goats. Seriously how do they deal with that? Is it because they are ruminants? I know my dogs would have the runs after a day of that.

Tracy at said...

I wonder, is there a solar-powered water warmer somewhere that could keep the ice from freezing? I know they make electric warmers for bird-baths. Surely there is something on a bigger scale, and solar-powered to be green? If not, perhaps we should invent one.

Anonymous said...

This is bob and rebecca from up the road (the one's with the tall christmas tree in the atrium).

Would your sheep and goats like our tall tree to much on? Just say the word and I'll bring it by!

ukelins at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

oops, "munch" not "much"

Karen said...

I would have to go out and rub their noses every single day. Which would prob mean I'd get nothing done. Chopping ice in buckets to provide water for sheep - gosh that sounds so much more interesting and rewarding than commuting to NYC and working on Wall Street. Hmmm....