Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Farm Update Coming Soon

Sorry I haven't posted in a couple of days. I have three very good excuses:
1. I have pneumonia
2. I went to New York Saturday to celebrate Patrick's older son, Harry's 16th Birthday and Easter.
3. I spilled an entire bottle of water on my mac book yesterday and it still isn't working properly.

I'm posting this from my office computer but I can't access any photos or anything. Keep your fingers crossed that my poor little mac is back up and functioning by tonight.


bigevilgrape said...

pneumonia is a royal pain. Take it easy and feel better soon.

jordiw said...

Pneumonia is not to be taken lightly!! Perhaps a day or two of a warm wrap, rest and warm drinks .. and yoghert to resolve the effects of probably yukky antibiotics..is in order? All will feel better in the long run if you take it a bit easy...

SeDress said...

#1: My sister-in-law is just getting over pneumonia. It will take a while to get fully better. Be patient, and we will be.
#2: Happy 16th to Harry. Hope your Easter was lovely.
#3: So what happened when you did this? Did it fizzle and spark [the laptop], or just stop working? YOu do have your files backed up someplace, right?

Susan said...

Thanks, Ya'll. I am taking some ass-kicking antibiotics and drinking lots and lots of tea. Rest is another story, although Patrick did insist that I sleep in this morning while he took care of all the feeding.
The computer things was actually pretty anticlimactic. There were no sparks or cool noises or anything, maybe because I took the battery out within seconds, turned it upside down and left it that way overnight.
I started it up a couple of times earlier today and it did some wonky things, like shutting down repeatedly, but it seems to be working okay now. But I read online that it could work okay for a couple of days and then died for real, so I am frantically backing everything up now.

Michele said...

Get better Susan!

Caitlyn said...

You're such a hard worker. You're amazing. Feel better! Keep taking those antibiotics and rest up :)

V. said...

Oh no! I hope you and your macbook are feeling better. Also, thank you so much for visiting my blog.