Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Finished Objects Made from MVFF Yarn

Isn't this the sweetest little bunny? My friend Sara, AKA Woolies, created her from MVFF mohair. The bunny's tail is made from MVFF cormo, which you can see here. I was so excited when Sara sent me the photo and I planned to blog about it ages ago but between being sick and all those kids coming at once... Well, better late than never.

I would love to post a gallery of finished objects made with our yarn. Send me pics if you've knit anything up already.

Have you seen the article in Spin Off about the CSA? Me either. But Deb has and she thoughtfully took a picture of it for us.


--Deb said...

It was my pleasure!

And, that bunny is adorable. I know I can't wait to have MVFF wool to play with!

Shirra said...

I saw the article last night once I had a chance to sit down and look at my new Spin Off. How exciting!

woolies said...

Thanks so much for posting a pic of the bunny! She loves her big cormo tail!!!
Hope you are feeling better?!