Friday, May 2, 2008


to everyone who is just finding out about yesterday's birth. I break the email list into five chunks and the first alert went out just fine but the other four just sat in my outbox and I got weird failure notices. In fact, all my outgoing email for the rest of the day did the same. I tried all the fixes I could find online and nothing worked. I was steeling myself for a 45 minute phone call with Mac tech support today but when I logged on this morning they all went out with a big swoosh.


jordiw said...

my response when that happens is always the same.......

"Aint technology GRAND!!"

it sort of applies to the bad and the good equally..

have a fun last day at work..

Anonymous said...

Susan, I am still not receiving any email. I purchased my share the day after the WSJ article. Can you check and see if I am on the list?

Becky Myers