Friday, May 2, 2008

You have to see this!

My dear friend Sara emailed me a link to the New York State Sheep and Wool Show (commonly know as Rhinebeck) workshop schedule and it is spectacular. They have added all kinds of extra classes this year and there is so much cool stuff! I am going to sign up for the Shepherd's Rug class and who knows what all else.
The thing is, traditionally these classes fill up really fast. So fast that I have never, ever registered in time to get in a single one of them. Which is why Sara is so kindly giving us all a big head's up. 
So go check out the schedule, pick what you want, and please, please, please, print that registration form and mail it in right away so you don't wind up kicking yourself like I do every year.
Also, let me know what you are thinking about signing up for in the comments. It's always more fun when you know someone in your class.
And if workshops aren't your thing be sure and stop by Buckwheat Bridge's booth at the show. Their stuff is amazing and they are maybe the nicest people I know. 


A Crafty Lawyer said...

Well now you've gotten me all worked about Rhinebeck, when I haven't even gotten through this weekend at Maryland! Just filled out the form to try to get into a Judith MacKenzie McCuin spinning class. My first choice is Wild Texture: Spinning Mohair Novelties -- to help me spin that wonderful mohair I'll be getting in the fall!

Susan said...

I'm just jealous that you're going this weekend, crafty. Have an awesome time and tell us all about your trip over on ravelry when you get back.

--Deb said...

Would you believe I've never taken a knitting or spinning class, ever? I've learned everything from books and the occasional 30-second demo video on the internet. I've never tried to get into the workshops at Rhinebeck because it's just one day (for me) to see fellow blogging friends in person and I don't want lose hours of it to a class. (Not to mention that I usually go with Mom who doesn't knit or spin to begin with and would be bored stiff if I ditched her for a couple of hours!)

And, no, I'm not going to MDSW, either.