Monday, May 26, 2008

Farm Update 5/26 by Patrick

Hello, everyone. Susan's cruel social experiment in order to show me how
hard she works when I am away on the weekends continues. While she is
sunning and funning on a beach somewhere in Texas (serious note-  I just
read that there are no lakes in Texas.   I never knew that!), I continue to
slave away here at the farm.

[EDITOR'S NOTE- There are too lakes in Texas! I think he meant there area no natural lakes, which isn't true either. There is one- Lake Caddo near the Louisiana border. SG Thanks to Adele for the assist.]

It has actually been quite nice. Spring arrives late up here, but when it
comes, it¹s pretty breathtaking. Day after day of deep blue sky, direct sun,
and that breeze that makes sure that it is never sweaty-hot. Another day in

But, without Susan, the farm misses something. Now, I'm stupidly
head-over-heels in love with her, so I always miss her, but just working
with someone you love and respect while building something big and I think
where we are taking the farm is going to be big is just plain enjoyable.
Without that person, it's just chores. So, this week, I'm doing chores.

Not that it hasn't been eventful. Just as Susie was boarding the plane, I
got a call from Golf Cart Eddie. I don't think he has officially changed his
name to that, but after he told me that our Club Car Carry-All 1 Turf Model
was arriving on the Island that afternoon, I would call him anything he
wanted me to. This is something we have been patiently waiting for while
carrying buckets of water every day for months to a gang of now 60- plus who
never seem happy about our timing or offer to help. We had a rickety wagon
loaned to us by our dear friend Mark Defeo, and we had to balance the
buckets, the two bales of hay, the goat chow, the dog food, and the bark
collars on it. I could do it all because I could carry the dog and goat food
in one hand while steer the wagon with the other, Susie couldn't, so for her
it was always a minimum of two trips. Now, the Carry-All, or "Carrie" as we
named her prior to her arrival, as excited, expecting parents would, is now
here and daily feeding cut in half. Half, hell, 90%. All thanks to you

Here is Carrie with my son Logan next to it. I did this so you can get her
dimensions. (Logan is 6'5' tall. OK, he is not, but I think Carrie is larger
than life!)

My kids thought this was gross, but I am in love with another woman!

This is all been a guilty pleasure, because Susie hasn't been able to enjoy
it. I can't wait until she is home to give it her Inaugural ride. The kids
feel the same way, for they can't even drive it two feet until Susan gets to
drive it, and it is killing them.

Also, a new, fresh face hit the red carpet, and thank goodness, the
paparazzi were there to get some shots for the public. Following the rule of
naming our Cormo lambs after former Presidents, meet Ike.

As you can see, he is a fine specimen of a Cormo lamb. Probably will not be
the first sheep on the Moon, but he will do.

He's got a good attitude and, from what I can see, a loving Mom. She is
Sicily or Salina. I can never tell after sheering, but Susan can.

Hopefully, the other Cormo, and Daisy, our Babydoll Southdown, will cycle
around the same time and Kidding Season will officially be over. As of
today, we are 107 days of continuous births and counting!

Well, I'm punching out to feed. I'm playing host to my parents and boys this
weekend, and I am running out of excuses on why they should get up at 6AM to help me do the morning chores, or feed the bottle babies FOUR times a day!
Just another day at the farm;  I wouldn't miss it for anything.


Maggie said...

Ike is ADORABLE! And I love the name :)

Congrats on Carrie, too!

caracolina said...

Awesome job, Patrick! Thank you for keeping us in the loop while the Missus is out having fun. Congratulations on the new arrivals, too!

Jean said...

I agree with Maggie--Ike is absolutely adorable. And the paparazzo did a wonderful job with that shot.

Elizabeth said...

Now this is the cutest line ever:

"Now, I'm stupidly head-over-heels in love with her, so I always miss her, but just working with someone you love and respect while building something big.."

Almost as cute as Ike.

Oh, and I back Susie up on the lakes in Texas fact. Texas definitely has man-made lakes--around Austin, they are created by daming up the rivers (or, they just call the river "lake" something at certain points, usually between dams).

Susu said...

OMG Carrie is adorable. Almost as cute as Ike;)

Having cute overload here.

I would have kissed Carrie too! Enjoy the new ride.

--Deb said...

Great post, Patrick! I definitely feel caught-up and well-informed now. Ike is adorable (love the picture), and Carrie looks like a sweetheart. At least you have help with the chores, though it's sweet that you're defining them as chores because Susan's not there--even though you've got other family members there to help. At least you're not alone! Then they'd be even worse than "chores," they'd be something more along the lines of "god-awful chores" or something like that. Hang in there!

Adele said...

I'll bet you are referring to Caddo Lake in East Texas - the 2nd most wonderful place in the US after the Vineyard. It is a deep and magical lake filled with ancient cypress trees covered with spanish moss. A dusk into dark boat ride produces all sorts of wildlife including aligators. Several generations of my family lived on that lake in Karnack and Uncertain, TX (yes, Uncertain)...the stories abound. Happy travels

kelly said...

Great work guest-blogging, Patrick! So happy to see that precious, precious Ike face... what a cutie!

Also love the photos of Carrie appreciation -- I'm sure Susan will be ecstatic to have her when she gets back. I'm so happy for you both!

Crista said...

Good job Patrick, and I love Ike's pink ears.

Now that Susan is away you'll have to tell us how you two loveys met. Teehee.

Jenny said...

Patrick, that is the sweetest thing any man has ever said about any woman. That deserves a big "Awwwwwww!"

Now, Ike is a little knock out and I think that first picture needs to be in the next batch of postcards!

Joan said...

Patrick- what a great post. Love the picture of Ike, another cutie to add to your family.
You and Susan are such fantastic people.

Anonymous said...

What a charming entry and photos! Reading it was like a mini-vacation in the middle of a Monday morning! Thanks for the pick me up. lulubelle in Sandusky, OH, where it is cold and windy.

Tami said...

Our Polaris 4 wheeler is the best thing we got for our alpaca farm chores. I can load the hay and what ever else I need and take one trip. It saves so much time. Before that I was using a wheel barrel. Of course then we only had 8 alpacas. Now we have 28 and it makes a big difference.

Ike is adorable thanks for sharing the pics.

Mary, Mary... said...

Three cheers for Golf Cart Eddie and Carrie! Oddly enough, they're a great tool for teaching kids how to drive. Just keep the passenger away from hairpin turns. Thanks for the LambPr0n!

woolies said...

I want a golf cart.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or is that photo of Ike the spitting image of Susie's logo? How cute and funny!!!