Friday, May 9, 2008

What could be better than twins?

How about two sets of twins! Miss Linda and Olivia each gave birth to a set of boy-girl twins this morning. 
Linda's babies are named Cumin (M) and Cayenne (F)  [Thank you, Joan!] and Olivia's babies are named Bay Leaf (M) and Cardamom (F). 

Unfortunately, Olivia rejected little Bay Leaf. This happens from time to time but we have been really lucky this year in that all the other mamas with twins have kept them both. I worked with Olivia for a while to try to get her to take him- helping him latch on to her teat and rubbing him against the female twin so they would smell the same- but it was a no go. When she started throwing him up against the side of the kidding pen I got him out of there.

One of Bay Leaf's back legs is a little weak in the same way that Sage's legs were when he was born.  I don't think it had anything to do with Olivia rejecting him though. She gave birth to a single last year and I think she just didn't recognize him as her own.

I'm bummed for Bay but I promised him that I will be his mama and give him all the nutrition and love he needs. He is a tiny little thing and he's sleeping on my chest while I write this. 


Linda and Cumin
Olivia with Bay Leaf and Cardamom

Chipotle and Ancho are thriving and bouncing all over the kidding barn like little jumping beans. Mint and Tansy seem enormous next to them and especially next to the four born today.


jenibug said...

What a bunch of cuties!

Do you think perhaps Sage's mama would adopt Bay Leaf? I know you had suggested that you might have tried to give Parsley's mom a kid if one of the nannies had twins.

It's just a thought, but since I've never raised goats well it might not be worth much.... grin.

Katom Burke said...

yeah for four new kids!!

Anonymous said...

So, so cute!


--Deb said...

Poor little Bay Leaf ... although, it doesn't sound like he's exactly suffering at the moment! Congrats on the new babies!

Ellie said...

So so so cute. I'm very jealous.

Mary, Mary... said...

Good Lord, it's a veritable Baby Boom up there on the farm!

woolies said...

ahhhhhh look at Bay Leaf! That's ok, his new mommy just isn't as fuzzy as his biological mommy. I love the bottle babies. :0)

Maggie said...

Congrats several times over Susie! How wonderful! I thought it was lovely typing with a cat sleeping next to me, but a baby goat on my chest sounds even better!