Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fall Shearing Day Postponed Due to Weather

Very bad news everybody. The forecast for the weekend has changed from rain all day Saturday to rain Thursday, Friday Saturday and Sunday. We could barn the goats for up to 24 hours to keep them dry for the shearing but it would be a health risk to keep them indoors long enough to get them sheared this weekend. Sadly, we just made the decision to postpone the shearing until the end of October, which is the shearer's next availability. I will post here as soon as we confirm the new date with him.
I know some people may have non-refundable travel plans, so we will be doing a farm day on Saturday for those who still want to come. I have to warn you , though, to wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty in, boots and a rain jacket. Just let me know if you would like to come.
I am so sorry about this. I was so looking forward to meeting some of you and seeing some old friends again.
I am going to send this out as a constant contact email now, so you will see it again in your mailbox.


SeDress said...

So of course, I have to ask: what are the health risks from keeping the goats indoors? Increased susceptibility to worms and other goat diseases? Or stress from being confined?
How's Salina doing: any signs of improvement? Her kids must be missing her, poor greedy little things.

Susan said...

My main concern is that they would be very prone to respiratory infections if we barned them for three days straight. The barn we have access to is one the small side and not very well ventilated. If one of them has something they all would have it in a matter of hours.
Parasites aren't as much of a concern since we will be worming them after shearing, but their parasite load is at it's highest right now since they are due to be wormed, and that's not the ideal time to be locked up together in a small space.