Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Weekend at the New York farm

For the first time in ages I went down to our farm in New York with Patrick for the weekend. I don't usually get to go because I have to (I mean "get to") stay home and take care of the animals. But now we have Erin and life is so much easier/better/less insane than it was a mere month ago before she started. Our lives have changed so much that I kind of can't believe she has only been here for a month.
Our farm in NY is called Hopeland Hill and it used belong to Patrick's grandfather Harry. Harry was a newspaper publisher and an inventor and he ran a camp for under privileged boys in the summertime at what is now our house. Patrick's parents live across the street, and until we moved to the Vineyard, he had lived on the same street his entire life.
The farm is a lovely place, and I got to spend a lot of time with Harry and Logan, which is always fun. And, for those of us who live on an Island, nothing beats a trip to Target. Seriously, I could have spent three hours at Target but they were pretty adamant about closing at 10 p.m.
Patrick and his friend Paul have been building a treehouse for Logan since Spring and every weekend they swear they are going to finish it. It is a pretty great treehouse, and they did get the siding on it this weekend, but no, it's not finished.

While the men hammered and drank Corona's, I dyed lots and lots of yarn. It was a good weekend all around.

Harry has become such a great knitter in such a short time. I was a little worried that he would stop knitting when he got back to high school, but he told me that on the first day of school, his knitting fell out of his bag by his locker. A "skater boy" handed it to him and said, "You knit? Cool. I crochet." Isn't that awesome? He is starting a knitting group at his school. I am so proud of him. Here he is knitting a scarf in our Avocado worsted weight cormo.

It was a lovely weekend.  On Monday, Erin and I got almost all of the rest of Spring 08 Shares mailed. That whole bin is filled with boxes of yarn!
Erin had intended to get all the shares out on Friday but everything else went out the window when Salina was attacked by a dog. She is doing much, much better now. Thanks to everyone for the kind words and healing thoughts you've been sending her. This pic were taken Monday night, and Erin assures me that she looked a thousand times better than she had before. Most of the cuts are on the other side of her face but you can see how swollen her eye is. I'll take a better photo tomorrow.


--Deb said...

Poor Salina--ouch! (And, tell Erin I entirely understand the delay--Salina was more important.)

And, that tree house? So amazing.

quinn said...

So glad to hear Salina is on the mend!

KnittingBlueContent said...

Ohhh. Get your sheepie on the mend!

In the meantime, I'll take pictures of knitting teen boys any old day. Who'da thunk that those guys would have taken to fibery pursuits so sweetly?

Salina Smooches.

Namate said...

Thank you for the update on Salina. I was worried about her.

Jean said...

As the mother of two sons (18 and 20 years old) who knit, I love the story about Harry's knitting falling out of his bag. I did an every-now-and-then knitting group at the high school my sons attended, and there were a couple of times it ended up being all-male except for me. Very cool!

Jenna said...

So glad to hear Salina is on the mend!

lady butta.fly said...

i got my yarn share today. it's so soft and i can't believe it's wool. glad to hear salina is getting better. i hope your week is a good one!