Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Chuck, my truck

Warning: The following photos are not for those with weak stomaches!

Look at what that deer did to Chuck. It kinda breaks my heart just looking at him, to tell you the truth. This is a whole lot of damage- like three or four days in the shop worth of damage. Which means three or four days without Chuck.

See that piece of metal in the middle of the frame that's bent? That's some kind of structural something-or-the-other. That's something- I'm almost positive- that is integral to the proper functioning of my truck.

There used to be another headlight down below the big one. Oh, AND A BUMPER.

Doesn't it just seem impossible that an animal could have done all that damage? It wasn't an elephant for heaven's sake. 


Joanb said...

Oh, poor Chuck. The pictures are scary looking. With some TLC and time at the truck hospital he'll be back on his wheels soon. Keep us updated on his progress.

mydogpetey said...

That is some major damage there. Poor Chuck.

Perhaps we can all get together and knit him axel sling?

Knitting Painter Woman said...

Poor Chuck.
I am SO glad YOU are OK. I've come to count on your blog for a window into the fiber farming world.

mydogpetey said...

...so I can't spell and I have bad grammar tonight...
What I thought I wrote was this:
...Perhaps we can all get together and knit him an axle sling?

Turtle said...

ouch!!! Lol, did ya get to at least keep the deer? (asking as all i hear lately from daughters boyfriend to the neighbors is nobody is bagging their deer this fall. limited venison jerky this winter! smile)

quiltcat said...

Ohhh, poor Chuck the Truck! But...i have a feeling the deer is dead, and i feel even worse about that.

Susan said...

I felt terrible for the deer, Quiltcat. Especially since it was the second deer that I had a hand in killing in less than a week.