Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Odd Ball Skein Sale

Every now and then we end up with a couple of skeins of yarn in left over from a colorway that we are no longer producing. In the summer, I just throw these skeins in to a sale basket at the Farmers Market, but the market is over and the basket is starting to spill over.

Instead of allowing them to pile up all winter, I'm having a sale over in the etsy shop. For $50, you get five unmatched skeins of either our 100% cormo worsted weight or our kid mohair/cormo blend worsted weight. Five skeins of yarn normally cost $120, so, if you aren't too picky about color, you can save a ton of money.

(BTW- these aren't "oops skeins" in colors that didn't work out. They are the same colors we've sold at the Farmers Market and online.)

Obviously supplies are pretty limited, so get 'em before they are gone.

UPDATED: Wow! Those went fast. I am going to do the same thing with bulky weight and sport weight today. See above post.


Infinitespirals said...

Nabbed one! Buwhahahaha.

Turtle said...

lol, tempt me why don't you! Had to get one as well!!! So much for behaving. smile (good thing i have some clients booked today!!)

abeesley said...

I got the cormo worsted the other day and it is lovely! So soft.