Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Most Expensive Yarn I've Ever Bought

On October 17, my friend Colleen Kueter died from a rare from of liver cancer at the age of 40.  In addition to being a friend who would do anything for anyone, Colleen was the artist who hand painted all of our amazing sock yarn. Somehow I never managed to scored a skein of it for myself and when I realized it was all gone, I was a little sad.

So when I had the opportunity to bid on a skein of Colleen's sock yarn over at the Tiny Lady Cooperative's fundraiser for Colleen's kid, I was determined to win this. I'm not going to tell you what I paid for it but it was absolutely insane.

Isn't it lovely? One of the women at Tiny Lady offer to knit it up into socks for me on her antique sock machine and I just can't wait to get them. Every time I wear these socks I will think of my friend Colleen and be happy I had the chance to know her.

I also got two skeins of this sock yarn, hand painted by Jenny of the Bare Sheep Yarn Company in a colorway named for Colleen. These were her favorite colors and this yarn was just too beautiful to pass up. Yes, it too was insanely expensive, but the money is going to Colleen's children's college funds, so I could totally justify spending the money.
Here's the thing though. I am not a sock knitter. And, even if I was, I don't have any time at all to knit right now and won't until the book is finished and turned in to the publisher.  So I am looking for a sock knitter who is willing to knit up one skein of this yarn into a pair of socks for me and in exchange, I will give you the other skein to knit up for yourself.

Interested? Shoot me an email at susangibbs1 AT mac DOT com.


Turtle said...

that is so great that you were able to get some of your friends yarn, very special! I would gladly knit socks for you in trade but there are many very talented (much moreso than i) who would do your yarn better justice!

Meg said...

I'm so glad you won those yarns, they must be so special to you. I bought some raffle tickets, I can't wait to see how much is raised. Hope you find an excellent sock knitter, I am just starting my first pair.

Anonymous said...

Hi Meg--
I bought some raffle tickets, too--let's keep our fingers crossed! Also bought some beautiful green yarn and the quilting fat quarters--spent more than I normally would, but it felt good since the money is going to good.
I have yet to tackle my first pair of socks...

sweetea said...

I would be honored to knit you some socks out of that wonderful yarn. Email me if you are interested and we can go from there.