Saturday, December 6, 2008

Put Your Thinking Caps On...

We are going to Lee, Massachusetts bright and early tomorrow morning to pick up our new Cormo ewes. I'm not sure how many we will be coming home with but we are going to be needing some names. 

In the past we have named our Cormo ewes after islands and we're going to stick with that convention for this group. (We'll need to come up with a new one in the spring.) 

So get out your world atlas and hit me with Island names you like for the new sheep.   


Turtle said...

Avalon, Barry, Catarina, Cypris, Delia, Elba, Erin, Innes, Kelsey, Miranda, Ramsay, Rhoda, Rona, Theresa, Whitney, .... and of course after having lived there for 13 years...Oahu!

Carol said...

I went to college in Oakland CA, and when we took the bus in to San Franciso, we stopped at "TREASURE" Island..........sounds like a cute name to me........
Carol Peck

PS: how exciting, new kids!

Nancy said...

There's always Tuvalu,Figi,Palau,Vanuatu,Guadeloupe,Dominica or Martinique

Manise said...

Thassos, Santorini, Ithaca, Corfu, Tina (Tinos), Kea, Chrissi, Kefalonia -> Greek islands

Plum ( Island, MA) Martha (Vineyard), Blueberry (Island, MA), Cat (Island, MA), Nan(tucket, MA), Sarah (Island, MA), Sassafras (Island, PA), Shelley (Island,PA), Heather (Island, RI), Lazy Lady (Island, VT)

Vaedri said...

How about Shetland Isles names? Seems appropriate.


misplacedpom said...

How about the Aran islands (Oileáin Árann)? Inishmaan (Inis Meáin), Inisheer (Inis Oirr) and Inishmore (Inis Mór)... And then you could go to the Hebrides... The Inners: Islay, Jura, Skye, Mull, Raasay, Staffa and the Small Isles, and the Outers: Barra, Berneray, Harris, Lewis, North Uist, South Uist, and St Kilda.

Yeah, I totally got all that from Wikipedia...
But think about it, your ewes will have both Island and WHISKY!! names.

Rebecca said...

How about Malta or Gozo?

Jenibug said...

There is always Catawba Island on Lake Erie, I used to go there as a kid myself...grin. But I think I'd shy away from Phi-Phi Island (pronounced Pee-pee)... grin

Nicole said...

Lipari, Levanzo, Asinara, Ischia, Nisida, Caprera, Linosa, Tinetta (all are Italian islands).


miss ewe said...

Queen Charlotte tops my list. What a lovely regal name for a ewe!

Also Saturna, Gabriola, Lasqueti (pronounced Lah-SKEE-tee).

All off the coast of British Columbia!

Heather said...

I vote for Númenor - from Lord of the Rings. Everybody in those books wore good woolly cloaks.

missfire said...

How about Catalina? Right here in CA, where the sheep are not:(.

kelly said...

Gotta put in my vote for "Alameda" -- it's a lovely island in the San Francisco Bay (I'm biased -- it's also where I live).

I think it would make a beautiful name!

Knitting Painter Woman said...

I'm with Missfire: Catalina (where I spent many summer weeks in Avalon... a real AND mythical haven. There's also Anacapa (which is so rhythmic) and San Miguel (the name of the street I grew up on, but ALSO a channel island.) And on St. Nicholas' feast day, there's a "San Nicholas" island, too.

Joan said...

Are these the New York ewes? How about sticking to islands in New York? Manhattan, Governors, Peebles, Green, Staten, Long, Ellis, Liberty, Roosevelt, Coney, Belmont, Hoffman, Swinburne - and that just covers NYC and Albany. There must be a lot more names in the Thousand Islands.

Nicole said...

Manitoulin! Between lake Huron and Georgian Bay

Maggie said...

I've spent time in islands in NC, FL, and Belize, so, my list of islands I've been to with pretty names:


There aren't that many, actually. Who wants to name a sheep Big Pine, or No Name?

--Deb said...

So many geographically aware readers!

Champagne/StitchPoet said...

Cuttyhunk'a burnin'love! to the best lookin' of course! On a clear day from our summer home we can see Cuttyhunk obstruct our vision of MV! Cheers!

Jean said...

How about Mass islands since they're from Mass. I'm so original, aren't I? lol.

Leigh said...

Starbuck Island! That would be an awesome name!


KnittingBlueContent said...

The other day, I was looking at the "Crofter's Cowl" pattern on ravelry and got to wondering what a "crofter" was (don't laugh if you already knew this term!)

I went a-Googling and found this:

Very informative, and wouldn't you know it, there's an island too!

"Skye" as a name would fit right in with "Apple" and all the other kookie vogue names in use today, LOL. It's so much more fancy with an *e* on the end :grin:

Anonymous said...

You could also go Canadian; among the more common would be Prince Edward (not so great for a Ewe...), Queen Charlotte, Victoria, Somerset, Moresby, Resolution, Sable, Ellesmere, Anticosti, Manitoulin. Most of the others are masculine sounding, or direct derivations from UK names.


pd said...

I immediately thought of the Canaries - Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, La Palma, La Gomera, El Hierro, Fuerteventura - but I'm not sure how to pronounce some of those, so maybe not the best idea. ;-)

Renee said...

The island my husband is from of course. Trinidad and the other island beside it is Tobago.


Manise said...

Oh, and please give Alice a big hug from me! Tell her I bought Elegance and Cleome's fleeces from her and was the one at The Gathering last month who had the "mimeograph blue" cast on. She's a peach!

Anonymous said...

Long as in Long Island (where I live)

Tristan as in Tristan Da Cunha and my son!

Manitou which is in Lake Michigan and is beautiful!


Mary said...

We grew up in the Northwest and had a lake home on Priest Lake in northern Idaho. We used to boat to Bartoo Island or Kalispell Island. I think they're Indian names. Might be good names . . .

Romelda McKee said...

My family came from Eleuthera in the Bahamas to Key West over 100 years ago. I still love the name.

Margalioth said...

More Canadian Islands with potential girl names...

Ontario: Argyle, Elizabeth, Emerald, Flowerpot, Chick, Evelyn, Fanny, Florence, Huckleberry, Georgina, Kenosha, Lauley, Louisa, Pelee, Rose, Sandy, Strawberry, Wellesley

Quebec: Anticosti, Bonaventure, Brion, Heron, Magdalen [Islands], Mingan, Montreal, [Ile d']Orléans

Newfoundland: Belle [Isle], Brunette, Keats, Killiniq, [Old] Perlican, Puffin, Quirpon, [South] Aulatsivik

Nunavut: Victoria, Baffin, Queen Elizabeth [Islands]

And one final island: Miquelon (that one actually belongs to France but it's off the coast of Canada)

|chee-uh| said...

Taiwan is an island! It's where I was born. Or:

Anna Marie said...

I like the idea that if they are going to be in NY use the NY island names and if they are going to be on Martha's Vineyard use the MA island names!

Anonymous said...

How about Capri???

Sandy in NJ

anne said...

I agree with Misfire that Catalina is a good name. And what about Maui?


Namate said...

Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire

Anonymous said...

I vote for Corfu. Its a Greek isle and there's only one city named for it in the US, and of course that's where I happen to live! Corfu, NY 14036. Tiny village with great neighbors with big hearts.
Ravelry= knitngreen

Grace said...

Did a bit of research and found out that Cormo sheep was developed by Ian Downie who lives in Tasmania, Australia. How about naming islands from their original home country?


Ian sought scientific help for large scale breeding trials with scientists at Trangie, New South Wales, Australia so how about
Tangie and Wales?

That's it for the history lesson of the day.

Jenny said...

I have a non-island naming idea for when the little ones start to pop out. I don't know why I came up with this, but characters from the movie Annie. There are some cool names in there:

Daddy Warbucks (get it? Buck? baaahaha okay I'll stop)
Mrs. Hannigan
Lily St. Regis
(you already have an FDR!)
Bert Healy
Boylan Sisters (if you have any twins, I don't know how to split them up and make them unique)
Mrs. Pugh
Mr. Bundles

I know nothing of islands, so I can't actually help you out!

Lisa said...

Old-but-good names:
Betty, Lulu, Deloris, Ethel, Nellie, Mavis, Vivian, Ruby, Florence, Louise, Sylvia, Norma, Shirley, Minnie, and Gladys?

Mira Dessy said...

How about after some of the Danish Isles? (of course the o's have that line through them but I think it still gets the point across)


JenLanger said...

Erin (Old, old name for Ireland)
Mozambique (Afrian Country)
Zelda (for New Zeland)

There are so many to choose from...


Tracy at said...

There are more than 6,000 Greek Islands, but my favorite would be Ithaca (which is also the name of my [so far] favorite city in upstate New York.....

red squirrel knits! said...

I love names!! Ok here's my island name picks:

sauvie (sauvie's island in washington)

a lot of these islands are in the pacific ocean near Australia.

hope the naming goes well!!

-Petra in Tarrytown

Louise in virginia said...

The Aegean islands sound nice. Aegean Islands


Just appeal to me. Have fun with the naming process.

Louise In Virginia

mydogpetey said...

Is there a chart or list of who is named what already? Would be nice to know - especially for the newbies.

Sarah said...

I live on VANCOUVER island, so I have to throw that into the ring! There's also nearby Saltspring island, Quadra, Saturna?

Lisa K. said...

I know it's the other side of the country, but I'm partial to the names of the islands in the straits of Juan de Fuca - the San Juan Islands. There are about a hundred to choose from. Some selection's Crane, Sucia, Matia, Waldran, Crane, Shaw, Decatur, Lopez, Orcas, Eliza, Ewing, Fawn, Willow, Posey, Pearl, Goose, and Lummi. There's even a Sheep Island!