Saturday, December 6, 2008

Five Things You Don't Know About Me

1. I refuse to buy bananas. I say it's because I believe in eating local and don't think fruit should be flown all over creation but the truth is I don't like bananas. Not one bit. (Sometimes I claim to be allergic to them.)

2.I regularly leave the house without my cell phone, driver's license, credit card or cash. This drives Erin crazy. I hardly ever leave the house without my camera.

3. I love all kinds of music but if you let me pick the radio station we'll most likely be listening to country.

4. There is nothing more satisfying to me in this world than finding a really good $10 bottle of wine. 

5. I hardly ever get angry, but when I do, it's ugly. 


eochu said...

1. I can't believe I've been falling for this for 3 months! I like bananas. And I'm not moving back to banana country.

2. Yeah, this really does drive me nuts. When the technology is finally available, we'll have a raffle on the blog to raise the money to get your phone implanted directly in your head. And a chip that contains all your identity and financial information.

3. And then you'll fall asleep, and wake up to Def Leppard!

4. I don't drink wine for medical reasons so I can't weigh in on this one.

5. I really do love my job so I won't weigh in on this one.

<3 - Erin

--Deb said...

Laughing at Erin's #5 response....

Manise said...

Erin cracks me up! Too funny!

Regina said...

Hey there! I found you from "writingroads" who recommended your blog highly on a conference call just yesterday.

Borseo red wine from one of those less than $10 wines that has exquisite taste! Tonight would be a nice night for a special toast.