Thursday, December 11, 2008

Stuff I'll be Making this Weekend

Have you seen the Cinnamon Roll recipe on Pioneer Woman? Sweet jumpin' monkeys- those look outrageously good. While don't ya'll whip some up this weekend too and it'll be like we're all baking together over at my house? 

While the rolls are in the oven I'll be making these beautiful ice wreaths for our Solstice Party. Stunning. Just stunning and oh so simple.


Donna said...

I love that ice wreath. I will be making that for our New Years Eve get together!

I saw that recipe before and haven't tried yet. This may the weekend for it.

Manise said...

What a great thing to make! Love it!

--Deb said...

Yeah, I was thinking about going to the grocery store for foil pans for this tomorrow ... because they look SO good! (She takes the best action shots of cooking, too!)

I hope they're comforting for you!