Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bonobos Book Winners

Well, the random number generator has done it's thing. Here's a screenshot of the result.

Sorry it's so's a flat-out miracle that I was able to figure out how to take a screen shot and post it at all. But I wanted ya'll to be able to see the results for yourself because one of the numbers is 1! I know it's random and all, and that 1 is as likely to be picked as any other number, but still, it's kind of cool.

So congratulations to commenters (commentors?) numbers 41, 32 and 1 otherwise known as Lisa, Cravingkiwi and Cherry Lane Jane. Shoot me an email at susangibbs1 AT mac DOT com with your mailing address and enjoy this very special book! 

Thanks to Julie and Mathea for giving us three copies of the book to give away and thanks to everyone who entered. Check back regularly for more super-cool giveaways.


Writer Bug said...

Just wanted to let you know that you've inspired me to to "adopt" a bonobo in my husband's name for Christmas!

Susan said...

You are awesome, writer bug. Now, would you mind coming over here and finishing this book for me?

Turtle said...

congrats ladies, what a great book! (and cause)


o poo, i didn't win again...but, i have learned we watch many of the same programs. well, maybe next time.