Sunday, January 11, 2009

Welcome Home Chuck!

Some of ya'll may remember that Chuck, my truck, had an ugly encounter with a deer back in November

Chuck finally went into the shop to be fixed on December 23rd and even finally-er was finished on Friday evening.  I can't tell you how hard life was on the farm was without Chuck. We borrowed Patrick's dad's little-bitty toy pick-up truck to use while Chuck was away, but that only made us miss Chuck- with his four-wheel-drive, dual cab, CD player and HEAT- all the more. My Lord, I love that truck!

So here are the BEFORE pictures: 

And here's AFTER:

We still need to have our logo put on the new driver's side door. 
I love farm chores on the weekends because Patrick's home from the Vineyard and Logan's with us; Harry lives with us full-time now. Chores are just a lot more fun when we do them together. I took these pictures this morning and they crack me up, because they really show everyone's morning personality.

I love the little dance Logan is doing. 

Logan has learned a lot of compassion from the sheep and goats. 

The goats adore him.
The lambs look at him like he's crazy.

"Anybody home?"


eochu said...

For the record, I am really not THAT much of a sourpuss in the morning. I made the extra-crabby face on purpose, as being the extra-crabby why-wasn't-this-done-an-hour-ago task master is my role in the morning chore circus. And someone has to balance out all Pat's carefree optimism.

Anna Marie said...

I can't imagine how much work this is, and you all make it look so easy and so much fun! Thanks for sharing

Megan said...

Logan is so cute dancing and hugging the critters! I love the expressions on the lambs faces, they are just so adorable!

Heidi said...

Hip Hip for Erin, I am always the straight man in my family and sometimes you just want to get the thing done. BTW, my daughter still does a little dance while waiting. We call it the "Jackson dance of joy." Both kids got it from their father's side but 13 appears to grown
old enough to contain himself. The husband? Not so much

Turtle said...

lol, glad to see chuck has "healed" and the family is complete once again!

Jenny said...

I love love love it!!! I miss you guys! All like, 600 of you or however many there are in your fambly. Let's see, you, Erin, Pat, Harry, Logan and like, 595 sheep and goats. Yeah, like 600 of you.

--Deb said...

Welcome home, Chuck!

And, I love all the pictures of Logan with the lambs. He looks so happy!!

(Oh, and I just thought that Erin looked COLD.)

Knitting Painter Woman said...

Chuck: Nanu Nanu and Live Long and Prosper!
The family looks cooperative and happy. Who could ask for anything more? Especially with Chuck mended?

Maggie said...

Y'all look like you're actually enjoying yourselves! I think I'd be a bit more unpleasant in all that snow. Should I mention it's a high of 78 here today? We've got the Santa Anas (desert winds) blowing in right now...